Friday, 26 April 2013

Our Instant Restaurant - Spanish Night

Hi all, I am very excited tonight as we have turned our lounge into our 'Instant Restaurant'. To give you more background, some of us from our group of friends have decided to run our own version on My Kitchen Rules. If you have not seen this, its a reality show where teams get together and dine at others houses and turn their homes into 'Instant Restaurants'.

Jake and I have decided to go with a spanish theme since we are cray about spanish food at the moment!

Yum huh? Well guess what? We are going to post all of the recipes that we make that night woohoo! So I will be whipping out the camera for some great tutorials of Jake's culinary skills (and also mine hehe).

As you might have figured by now I (Kim) am the baker and Jake is the cook!

Will post more pics and recipes will be up soon!

Kim xx

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