Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Master Cleanse Diary April 2015


8:00am First cup of lemonade at work, feeling tired due to lack of sleep and coffee! Accidentally put too much cayenne, so added more water.

10:30am Hot water for morning tea. Feeling motivated.

3:20pm Just finished work, feeling extremely hungry! This is the time of day where binge and eat all through the night. I can do it.

6:15pm Woke up from an intense 2 hour nap. I slept maybe 5-6 hours last night, as I had been used to sleeping late on school holidays.

Having some intense cravings for fried food, any food really! I remember why I do this again, it's helps me appreciate food and think about what I eat.

9:00am Watched Jake cook an amazing pasta for dinner tonight, so hard. Had my laxative tea, not bad.

10:30am Spent pretty much the entire night looking at my previous food pics and Instagram drooling! I think I'll try and sleep now, will probably dream about food.

Goodnight x


7:00am Just woke up and feeling ill. Had some hot water, and my lemon drink on the tube.

10:25am Short morning tea, marking the kids work to get me through.

12:10pm Lunch time is killer! So hungry and still feeling lethargic. Really considering having some soup or a salad after work.

3:30pm Work is finished. Not sure if I need to eat or I'm sick? Usually do these detox fasts during the school holidays where I can stay in bed the whole day! Not sure if doing it while I work is such a good idea, or am I not in the right mental space to keep strong?

5:00pm Just got home from work, such a long day. I am thinking tomorrow will be my last day...


8:00am Falling asleep on the tube. So tired.

12:30am Taught such a lovely class. Didn't stop for a morning break, so I could mark work. Now in lunchroom drooling over everyone's food, sipping on peppermint tea.

Really feeling like I realise why I did this detox in the first place. Sorry body! I had gotten to the point where I just ate anything without thinking, a lot of has to with the change of routine - moving to another country, new job, and also waiting for my partner to find a good paying job.

I really need to deal with how I deal with stress. As this is how I got to my heaviest a few years ago. I just can't go back, gosh I've come, so far 19 kilos down. For the last few months my weight has stayed the same, I'm happy that I haven't gained, but on the other hand feel silly for not doing anything to lose more! Time has stood still and I need to keep aiming for my goal weight.

Wow I just rambled so much, feeling better. Tomorrow I am going fast during the day, then eat a clean meal in the afternoon - fruits, veggies, salads and soups.

Health is wealth peeps!
Kim xx

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