Monday, 21 April 2014

Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Ideas

Here are some photos and ideas of what I have been eating lately. I'm not going to post the recipes because there are 1 million, but if you would like it comment below and I'll happily do it for you! 


Banana Pancakes 

Pan fried soft tofu with soy sauce, stir fried veges and brown rice.

Roast Vegetables with mushroom sauce (I used soy milk for creaminess).

Chinese cucumber salad

Chinese style veges with mashed garlic and fried tofu

Tofu and vege dumplings

Kale chips

Roast veges again but with onion gravy

Spaghetti with diced vege sausage 

Creamy mushroom pasta using soy milk

Vege panang curry

Falafel burgers

What can I say? We love roast veges 

Fried noodles with veges 

Malaysian Curry

Soft tacos with lentils and mango salsa. Also perfect with refried beans!

Vege stirfry 

Butterbeans and sundried tomato tapas 

Mushroom risotto with asparagus 


Vege pizza

Stuffed portobello mushrooms with garlic and feta

Mexican bean nachos 

Sandwiches and wraps (vege and  some vegan)

Spinach and cheese pie

Spinach and feta ravioli with salad and focaccia (Thanks George)

Greek salad with avocado and pomegranate 

Well that's all for me today hope you have some new inspiration!

Check out the recipe index for more the great vegan meal ideas. 

Instagram is also great for more meal ideas. Find my ig account: amazekitchen also check the hastag #vegan 

Also Pinterest is your best friend! Check out my Vegan Board and my Vegan Dessert Boards

Kim xx

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