Monday, 30 September 2013

Food I thought we had to give up!

So now that I have made the switch I am finding a lot informtion about everyday products that are vegan friendly. I am still juicing at the moment so I'm not going to binge on some oreos lol. Anyway when I come off my juice fast I am only eating micronurite foods (fruit, veges, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes).


I can see a lot of smiles all round!

 All of Whitakers dark chocolates are vegan (except the caramel ones)
Richfields 70% dark chocolates are also vegan. This applies to the peppermint, kiwifruit, raspberry, classic nuts and classic dark

Green and blacks have four varieties of vegan chocolate
Lindt dark noir range is vegan
Donovans dark chocolates are mostly vegan
I know that these are full of refined sugar and crap, but I though this was uber interesting as the middle is meant to be a creamy/milky center?

Oreos! Served with non-dairy milk obviously :) - Source
This is something I never thought about, but I found the Heritage does a range of vegan and even raw vegan high tea's, lunches, diners, and even a raw vegan breakfast buffet!

Heritage Hotel's Vegan High Tea - Source

Heritage Hotel's Raw Vegan Breakfast Buffet - Source

Maybe once I am happy with my progress I may treat myself a little, definitely with the vegan high tea!

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