Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mango and Coconut Pudding

Mango and Coconut Pudding

While in Australia a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have access to juicy sweet Aussie mangoes. Over there the price varies from $2-$4 each, over here in New Zealand I saw some for $7 each!

Aussie mangoes are just like Philippine mangoes, they are most probably the best to use. This recipe is inspired by the Hong Kong style mango pudding, but without using the gelatin (we all know where gelatin comes from, eww).


4 very ripe large mangoes (I used Kensington Pride Mangoes from AUS)
1 can coconut cream
1/2 cup arrowroot (tapioca starch) or cornflour
3 tablespoons agave or honey (optional)


1. Mix all three mangoes, coconut cream, cornflour and agave or honey in a blender. Whizz till combined.

2. Heat mango mixture on medium heat till it comes to a slow boil and turns into a thick custard. Make sure to whisk continuously so that the bottom does not burn, (about 10 minutes).

3. Cube your remaining mangoes, and place half of the cubes at the bottom of small ramekins or one large dish. Pour in your hot pudding into the ramekins/dish then top with the remaining mango.

4. Chill on bench till steam stops. Then cool in the fridge till cool and firm. 

Enjoy xx

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