Monday, 13 April 2015

Master Cleanse

If you know what I make out of these ingredients, you know what's about to go down! The master cleanse is not a quick weight loss fad it is simply a cleanse/detox to clean out any unwanted toxins.

The benefits are not only detoxification, (this may sound hippyish) but it can be seen as a spiritual journey/awakening to kick start healthy eating and exercise whilst also resetting your palate, which means getting rid of those nasty cravings!

I will be aiming for five days, and will hopefully continue through to the next five!

I made three batches to last me all day tomorrow.

Master Cleanse Lemonade


1 tbsp pure organic maple syrup
2 tbsp organic fresh lemon juice
1/10 tsp / a pinch of organic cayenne pepper
1.5cup (300mls) filtered water

How to carry out the cleanse:

*Make sure to use organic ingredients, you can find these as supermarkets and most health food stores.

*Drink at least 6 250ml cups a day. You can have it cold or hot.

*Make sure to drink plenty of water.

*You can occasionally drink caffeine free herbal tea such a peppermint.

*End the day with a laxative tea.

Good luck xx

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