Sunday, 12 October 2014

21 Day Cleanse!

It's that time again... Detox/cleansing time! I believe in eating a whole food diet, having all treats in moderation, and regular cleanses to give my body a break.

Around the same time last year I decided to kick my bad habits to the curb by completely changing the way I ate. I didn't even know that becoming vegan/vegetarian was going to be an outcome.

I had always wanted to be meat free, but never really tried it whole heartedly. Not until I did a 10 day juice fast inspired by Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead , when I came off the fast I reset my palate and decided to give veganism a go. Along the way I watched life changing documentaries like Earthings, Food Inc and Forks over Knifes which solidified my choice to stop eating animal flesh.

It has been a year on, and I am 18 kilos (39 pounds) lighter, my skin and hair is healthier, and I am all round feeling greater than ever!! The best part about being meat free is that there is not much temptation (try ordering at Mc Donald's) and it is so easy to keep the weight off.

Now back to the cleanse, even though I am 18 kilos lighter, I still have about another 10 kilos to go until I am at a healthy weight for my build and height! To read more about my previous weight gain click here.

So naturally, I am going to challenge myself to base my diet around fruit, veggies, bean and nuts. Twenty one days free of: gluten, preservatives, refined sugar, dairy and meat of course!

Wish me luck!!

Kim xx


Kyla Hansell said...

You are really inspiring, Kim!!! Even though I am not giving up meat, I am still motivated by your posts to stick to whole foods that are simply - nutritious! Good luck! X

Amaze Kitchen said...

Aww thanks Kyla I feel special! It's always so nice to hear that I can help in someway! Xx