Monday, 4 August 2014

Lugaw - Filipino Rice Porridge

Lugaw - Filipino Rice Porridge  


Basic lugaw:
1-2 tablespoons oil
1 thumb of ginger, diced
3 cloves good quality garlic sliced
1 onion diced finely
1 cup jasmine rice
6 cups of water (may need more)

Extras and seasonings:
1 cup of diced vegetables (you can use frozen)
1 vegetarian stock cube (I use vegetarian chicken cubes by Massel)
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric
Salt and white pepper to taste

To serve:
Soy sauce
Chilli oil
Sliced spring onion (green onion)


1. In a large pot or saucepan, sauté diced onion, garlic and ginger.

2. Add boiling water (I heat mine in the jug), rice and cook for about 30 mins until the rice is mushy and has absorbed most of the water.

If your lugaw is too thick, add more water as needed, we are looking for the same texture as oatmeal porridge, not so much like watery congee.

3. Add the rest of the ingredients, and season to taste.

4. Serve hot topped with soy sauce, spring onions, and chilli oil if desired.

You can really add any veges you like! I use water ever I have in the fridge. Or maybe even add tofu or vege sausage, the list goes on.


Kim xx

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